Facial Treatments

Looking after your own skin is vital to help prevent ageing, but sometimes it’s important to let the professional take over. Facial treatments can make a huge difference to ageing from adding hydration, helping with sun damage, removing fine lines and repairing pigmentation among many others.

A new treatment which Dr Lizzie is excited to share are her innovative hydrogen infusions. By infusing the skin with hydrogenated water, impurities and pollutants are removed whilst adding antioxidants and hydration – your skin will look rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Dr Lizzie is also a fan of the new Venus Glow facial treatments which takes out all the impurities from your skin – allowing pores to be completely clear. This simple, natural treatment, performed with a tiny vacuum and its ultra-fine jet streams, opens pores, removes excess oil and dirt, while the jets massage and hydrate the skin.  Newly glowing skin awaits!

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