Improve your ‘Zoom face’ for the best version of you.

Like it or not, 2020 is definitely the year of the Zoom call. Seeing ourselves animated, talking, laughing or even just as ‘resting face’ gives us a whole new perspective on how we look to others. Smile lines and forehead wrinkles we never knew existed present themselves with ease and dark circles and under eye bags seem magnified. With no sign of Zoom calls abating, it’s time to look at how we can improve your ‘Zoom Face.’

Firstly, one easy and important way to help skin tone and your overall look is to work with the settings on Zoom itself. Did you know that there is a touch-up button within the app that can instantly give you a glow? 

Once you’ve mastered this, you might want to look at the lighting in your study space – light coming from above can be more flattering and natural light can help ‘bleach out’ forehead wrinkles and frown lines. Another thing to consider with the new pandemic rulebook is your general facial cleanliness. Dr Lizzie is seeing many of her patients with increased pore congestion and breakouts from wearing a mask. Remember to change your mask often and keep it clean. 

Dr Lizzie also suggests a visit to her top aesthetic clinic in London, so she can give you a full facial analysis and examine your face closely and in detail. Dr Lizzie may recommend a series of facials and hydrogen infusions to exfoliate the upper skin dermal layer to reveal glowing, fresher skin.

Another course of action might be an anti-ageing treatment such as Botox, which is available at Dr Lizzie’s Botox clinic. After a thorough 3-D skin mapping and analysis, top Botox Doctor Lizzie will discuss the best way to smooth forehead lines, smile lines and lip lines. She may suggest a course of ‘baby Botox’ to start with which will help tighten the face and present a more youthful look, with a smaller dose of Botulinum toxin (Botox).

But don’t expect your next Zoom call to be full of raised eyebrows at your new look. Dr Lizzie’s technique is to enhance your natural beauty so no one will guess you’ve had work done. You will simply appear as the best version of yourself – healthy, radiant and full of life.

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